Buying Guide for Jewelry Boxes

Why buy a jewelry box?

Jewelry boxes may seem unnecessary to some, but if you’ve ever tried to unravel a knot of necklaces, it’s clear that organizing your jewelry will save you time in the long run. An organizer separates each piece of jewelry and gives it a spot where it’s protected and easily accessible. Jewelry boxes are great for keeping accessories in one place and ensuring that they won’t get damaged by rubbing against other earrings, necklaces, or rings.

Drawer Jewelry Boxes

What should you consider in a jewelry box?


Consider what material your jewelry box is lined with and if it will provide a lint-free and soft touch to keep your jewelry scratch and tarnish-free. Materials like velvet, linen, and cotton are commonly used and typically soft enough for mid-range jewelry items.

Decoration & Storage

Consider a piece of storage that adds a nice aesthetic to your room or closet while also being a safe place to store your jewelry collection. The faux leather look is a popular option and comes in many colors to match your style. If you’re looking for something nontraditional, look for wooden, acrylic, or metal jewelry boxes. Just make sure there’s a protective interior material.


Determine the size of your jewelry collection and if it will fit in the intended storage piece. Drawers with more depth will work better for those that have pendants or costume jewelry. Also, choose a jewelry box that won’t take up every square inch of the top of your dresser so that you can put other things there, too.
What should you expect to spend on a jewelry box?

What should you expect to spend on a jewelry box?

Traditional jewelry boxes with multiple drawers, ring holders, necklace hooks, and dividers will cost you around $50 to $60 due to their complexity. Inexpensive organizers will have fewer compartments and features. Travel jewelry boxes are ideal for those with little jewelry that are looking for a less expensive option. Prices for the portable organizers run from $10 to $20.

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