How to design luxury jewelry packaging?

Luxury jewelry packaging spares no expense and can be as beautiful as the jewelry itself. This kind of packaging can have a minimalist look and feel, but that’s not a requirement.
What is required to make a design communicate luxury is some combination of the design choices consumers associate with high-end goods, like:
1. A neutral color palette, often using white or black as the main color
2. Metallics
3. Serif fonts
4. Angular fonts and shapes

luxury jewelry packaging

This is without forgetting the one non-negotiable of luxury goods: quality materials. That means high-quality leather, smooth lacquer plastics, customized wooden boxes and thick, durable paper for your packaging labels and other paper elements. No matter how your luxury jewelry packaging looks, it needs to feel luxurious in the buyer’s hands. Keep that in mind when you’re choosing materials for your packaging and working out your budget. Texture goes a long way in communicating a sense of luxury, especially in packaging. Think about the difference between a shopping bag from a value-focused mall store (often a thin plastic or if it’s paper, a basic, foldable brown paper bag) and a bag from a higher-end shop. In many cases, luxury retailers invest in thicker, more durable shopping bags, communicating a sense of quality through every touchpoint with the buyer.

luxury jewelry packaging box

Anything “extra” about the packaging also communicates that you put extra thought into designing your packaging, which in turn communicates quality. For jewelry packaging, this can mean a box that unfolds outward or slides open by pulling on a ribbon, rather than a simple box with a lid. You see this kind of mechanism in the box below, paired with an exterior design that mimics a wax seal.
Another common characteristic you’ll find with luxury packaging is a sleek, streamlined look and feel. Take a look at the packaging our designer Dany Dada designed for these code-inspired bracelets.

luxury jewelry packaging box
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How to design luxury jewelry packaging?

Luxury jewelry packaging spares no expense and can be as beautiful as the jewelry itself.…

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